Muslim Relations with the Muslim World

The vast majority of Muslims in Malawi feel greatly neglected by the Muslim world when they look at the many problems they experience as mentioned in the preceding sections.

Relations between Muslims in Malawi and those in the Muslim world are at best personalized and therefore need tremendous improvement. The current practice is such that only those who have personal means of mobility are able to access and nurture relations with the Muslim World. The unfortunate part is that while the aims and objectives of such relations are often noble and faithful on paper, the actual and real implementation is at best personal and shrouded in secrecy and dishonesty.

The sad reality of Muslims in Malawi is that due to the high illiteracy levels among many, a few scrupulous individuals masquerading as Muslim organizations representing the plight of Muslims in the country often take them as pawns or trading commodities.

A number of organizations in Malawi often travel to the Muslim countries to meet Muslim organizations carrying with them bogus project proposals completely devoid of grassroots consultations. These proposals are meant  for soliciting funds purportedly aimed at taking care of the welfare of Muslims in Malawi. However, as already pointed out, these bogus individuals and organizations end up spending the bigger chunk of such moneys in financing their personal business empires at the expense of the poor Muslims. These organizations operate in secrecy and are not subjected to any form of audit. It therefore comes with no surprise for one to see that most of these organizations embark on highly ambitions projects having no direct impact to the root causes of the Muslim problems as outlined above.

Consequently, Malawian Muslim relations to the Muslim world becomes compromised as the vast majority of Muslims feel there is nobody out there to take care of their problems and such feeling is further compounded by the great difficulties Muslims experience in accessing government facilities.

Proposed Solutions to the Muslim Challenge

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