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Today's Message from Sister in Islam:
Just put a look at that so called hijab...it's just so awful!!
How do you think this salaat was judged by Allah?
What do you think of these women, if this is the way they use to pray their 5 times salaats?
Teach us Sheikhs! Because yaumul qiyaamah you will be asked upon your responsibility on this life...what did you tell your wives, sisters, daughters, even mothers, about LEGGINGS?
YES, I as a woman, I'm ALLOWED to wear it in my HOUSE only and nowhere else! But look at this picture!
A man once told me, "Leggings with hijab is like 'teasing' us to look and fantasize further,' hhmm...that's something to think about".
Leggings can be worn:
*to sleep
*as inner piece
*with pajamas
*when doing home aerobics or exercise 'in your house without anyone seeing you except your
HUSBAND (if married)"
BUT if you wear it outside, on prayers or anywhere, all curses come to you until you remove it and repent...REPENT!!
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A Muslim Woman at Salat
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Wed, 16 Jan 2013 @03:56

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