Ramadhan Special Competitions

Our Competition Objectives

The Internet, with its many features - like online forums - has provided young Muslims, both men and women, with an easy way to get to know one another and exchange ideas.

Launched in February 2004 by five co-founders including Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, a 29 years old American Harvard University student, a computer programmer and internet entrepreneur, Facebook has become a major changing force in the world and  nobody can ignore its power and influence. While others use this network as the means of ridiculing the Beloved Prophet salla Allah alaih wasallam and other Islamic property, a Muslim has to make use of it to spread the true message of Islam and remove the misunderstanding about this great religion.

In fact, most people on Facebook, except those that Allah Ta’la guided, do not utilize their opportunity to pass on a word of Islam to their thousands of friends; they feel as a waste of time! Instead, they keep on posting foul languages and insults on their daily status updates, they join bad groups and like bad pages where they forget that they have a great  responsibility which Allah Ta’la shall ask about on the Great Day, regardless of whatever rank they were on earth!!

The Malawi Ummah decided to encourage its fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to   exploit this social network on propagating the true message of Islam and quit all useless writings liable to be punished for! The Malawi Ummah administration formed a group and name it “Ramadhan Special Competition” during the Holy Month of Ramadhan which later became “The Ummah Institute”.

Inside the Competition

We consider calculations done slowly with a comprehensive inspection as what matters.
The result is brought on this page in order of sequence to remind everybody in a transparent view, in the following categories:
a. Some notes to get clear about
b. Names of all those who joined in the competition
c. Winners and their relevant rewards
d. How to get the rewards from MALAWI UMMAH..
The competition has 30 questions from different fields of the Islamic knowlwdge; For a participant to be qualified a winner, it depends on the status of the questions which makes either starting from 30%, 40% or 50%
of the particaipation .

b. Each question has 20-24hrs for the person to have enough time to look for the correct answer. If someone answered a question after it had been closed, that answer is not calculated. If someone does not understand the question, we  explain publicly if asked to do so. If a question is wrongly narrated before being asked, feedbacks from people are acceptable with a high consideration and the question still remains intact...this, among other things...

If someones answers one question and quits, we still calculate what they get.

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